Riebeeck Kasteel Wedding Venue Het Vlock Casteel

Riebeek Kasteel, believed to be one of the oldest villages in South Africa and is known to have worked its charm on many writers, painters – and of course bridal couples. Standing proud on Church Road and at the foot of Kateelberg lies Het Vlock Casteel. Surrounded by vineyards and a splendid view of wheat fields and mountains – Het Vlock... Read more

Cape Town Winelands Wedding Venue Eureka Estate

Eureka Estate: A Passion for Celebrations. Just over a 30 minute drive from Cape Town, on a scenic, family wine farm, you'll find the exclusive estate and wedding venue - Eureka Estate. Recently new to the wedding scene, the venue was built and completed in March 2016. The estate’s entire family took part in this amazing venture and... Read more