The Conservatory

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The Conservatory

150 pax Outdoor Elegant R30 000 to R40 000 None
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Happy Valley Road, La Motte, Franschhoek, Cape Town


Using light and energy as key components at our facilities, a free flow of indoor/outdoor harmony is created. All year round, vast expanses of glass allow our guests the opportunity to fully appreciate the picturesque views that Franschhoek and the beauty of the surroundings has to offer. 

During the sunny summer months, guests can enjoy South African weather at its best by combining the experience of the outdoors with all the assurances of indoor conveniences. During winter, all the elements of this season can be appreciated from the inside looking out. Whilst rain pelts down and picturesque mountains peep through the clouds, guests can relax next to large fireplaces and enjoy the splendour of it all. 

Our philosophy is simple yet stylish, inspiring but functional and versatile, catering to discerning clientele who require a blank canvas to create a unique event that transforms a space into a true reflection of themselves.